Energy and Innovation

Our energy system is transforming and renewable energies such as solar are increasing. Solar energy is a stable, reliable, and environmentally friendly source of energy that is readily available in South Florida. Renewable energies and energy efficiency are tools that help to mitigate climate change and reduce GHG emissions. The Energy and Innovation focus area strives to increase the city’s access to renewable energy and promote efficiency and innovation.

Reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions through efficient actions, programs, education, and policies that promote renewable energies and innovative technologies.


  • Conduct an annual greenhouse gas emissions inventory
  • Conduct an annual sustainability inventory
  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from LGO by 20% every 5 years from the baseline
  • Achieve SolSmart designation
  • Increase renewable energy sources on city facilities
  • Encourage a culture of energy conservation to reduce environmental impacts and identify opportunities for fiscal sustainability

Engage and empower the community to reduce energy use and increase the use of renewable energy to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Develop educational campaigns that seek to reduce energy usage
  • Reduce GHG emissions by 20% every 5 years from the baseline
  • Conduct a biennial GHG inventory
  • Increase the knowledge of renewable energy sources for residents and businesses