Paint Palette

Disclaimer: The colors shown on the palette are for illustrative purposes only. Due to differences in computer monitors, printers, and other hardware and software combinations, the colors below are intended to be used as approximations of color. Obtaining a physical paint color sample is highly recommended. Homeowners are not required to use any particular paint manufacturer, provided that the paint color matches a color in the approved palette.

Please click on one of the Color Groups (Layers) below to view a full range of color palette.

90RR.jpg 10YR.jpg 30YR.jpg 50YR.jpg
60YR.jpg 70YR.jpg 80YR.jpg 90YR.jpg
00YY.jpg 10YY.jpg 20YY.jpg 30YY.jpg
40YY.jpg 45YR.jpg 50YY.jpg 60YY.jpg
  70YY.jpg grey.jpg