Business Signs


In an effort to return to some normalcy, and also take into account the City’s aesthetics, as of January 4, 2021 the City will return to the enforcement of its sign ordinance with some exceptions.

Step 1.Correct

  • Must be Professionally made
  • No larger than 18 inches x 24 inches in size.
  • No more than 2 per business.
  • Not attached to any trees, poles or other structures.
  • Place on private property.
  • Property owner must be in agreement with sign placement
  • These signs can be displayed without penalty until June 1, 2021

correct signage


Step 2.Not Accepted

  • No signs hung from trees
  • No vehicle signs
  • No feather banners
  • No oversized signs in the right-of-way

Signage like snipe signs or point of purchase signs that are installed in front of a business or along the nearest adjacent right of way will be allowed as long as the business maintains a two sign limit and the temporary signs are no larger than 18 inches x 24 inches in size. With those parameters met, a business complex will not have a limit as to how many signs can be installed on the property as long as the property owner is in agreement.

 wrong signs