Budget & Sustainability

The City of Coral Springs Budget & Sustainability Department serves with excellence, innovation and integrity. The department provides partnerships that build long-term financial stability through innovative, data-driven, and forward-thinking strategies that fulfill the City’s Strategic Plan.

Department Head

Ileana Petrone Assistant Director of Budget & Strategy

Ileana Petrone

Ileana Petrone is the Director of Budget and Sustainability. She is responsible for helping to build long-term financial stability through innovative, data-driven, and forward-thinking strategies that fulfill the city’s strategic plan.

A tool designed to keep residents and businesses informed about key city projects and the performance of city operations. Through this tool, the public has access to information and data analysis that generates a better understanding of city operations and most up-to-date information on what city officials and staff are doing to improve our community. 

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Projects represented are within the City's Strategic, Business, and Capital Improvement Plans.

Continued transparency is vital to the City of Coral Springs. In an effort to increase transparency, a citywide map of varying projects has been created. The project map displays projects of various scope, type, and length of time. These projects provide an example of how the city is making Coral Springs the premier community in which to live, work, and raise a family.

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There is a variety of opportunities to get involved with the city’s budget and learn more about the process. The following meetings and workshops are all open to the public and may be streamed on CityTV.

  • June and July: Business Planning Workshops
  • August: Budget Workshops
  • Mid-September: Public hearings and final adoption of the budget

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The City of Coral Springs Budget Department understands the need for diversified and consumable communication with the public. As part of its commitment to educate residents, the department has employed the use of social media, created brief budget overview videos to explain how the city’s budget is created and utilized, hosted an annual Budget Academy for further public education, and collaborated with City Commissioners to elevate upcoming initiatives. 

Budget Communications Videos

Financial Literacy Videos

Coral Springs residents can voice their hopes and desires for the future of the city as part of a community-wide visioning initiative known as “Vision 2035: Impressions on the Future".

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